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Trader Joe’s Makes Baffling Business Decision To Ignore Angry People On The Internet Who Don’t Even Shop There

MONROVIA, CA—Trader Joe’s is baffling business and finance experts with the bizarre decision to ignore angry people on the internet who probably don’t even shop there.

The angry internet mob called for Trader Joe’s to be boycotted until they change their extremely offensive labels such as “Trader Jose’s Taco Shells.” After initially suggesting that they would change some of the offensive names, Trader Joe’s decided just to leave everything as-is and not worry too much about what a very small portion of the internet thinks.

“It’s crazy — why aren’t they listening to this mob that probably makes up a full 0.001% of their customer base?” wrote one Huffington Post finance blogger. “I mean, we clearly stated that we were angry. And then Trader Joe’s was like, ‘OK, but we disagree with your opinion. Have a great day.’ It’s like, rude! When we say we are upset, companies are supposed to do whatever we want, even though we don’t even patronize their business.”

The unsound decision on the part of Trader Joe’s means that the company only really cares about people who actually shop there, a bold move by the grocery store chain. Analysts are watching with great interest to see if the move pays off.

Source: Babylon Bee


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